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Why Playful Pup Bakery

We started Playful Pup Bakery in our kitchen with a standard stand mixer, an oven, a passion for baking and a love of dogs. We wanted to create better treats with fresh, simple and all natural ingredients.

A Simple Process


 Start With A Simple Recipe

Source High Quality, Local Ingredients Mix It All Up In Small Batches Share The Love

Simple Recipe

What we feed our pups shouldn’t be rocket science. All of our recipes have short ingredient lists so that fellow pup parents can spend less time reading the ingredients and more time giving their pup treats!

High Quality, Local Ingredients

When crafting our recipes we focus on ingredients first. We source all of our ingredients from local suppliers who share our attention to quality. From antibiotic-free proteins to locally sourced peanut butter, the superiority of our ingredients results in high quality, delicious treats.


Small Batch Bakes

We keep our ingredient lists short, our batches small and let the toasty oven do the work. While Nellie doesn’t help us bake, she does make a wonderful taste tester! Food should be simple and delicious for everyone!

Fun Flavors

Baking in small batches allows us more freedom to create fun flavors. Bye bye bland treats, hello delicious, different takes on what our pups love!

Family Owned

Playful Pup Bakery is a family affair. Jake is the main baker while Eileen handles our toddler sous chef, Jackson, and our newborn Cameron. And of course, Nellie is still the best taste tester we’ve ever employed!