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Our Story

We started Playful Pup Bakery in our kitchen with a standard stand mixer, an oven, a passion for baking and a love of dogs. We wanted to create better treats with fresh, simple and all natural ingredients.

A Little About Us

We firmly believe that dogs are family and should eat fresh, natural ingredients any chance they get, just like us. We keep our ingredient lists short and simple so we spend less time reading the ingredients and more time giving out treats!

Meet Nellie

We adopted Nellie when she was 8 weeks old, without knowing much about her other than the fact she was abandoned and had a lot of love to give. We turned our passion of cooking and baking into baking delicious treats to keep her happy and to always see that tail wagging!


We Started To Share The Love

We started to bake her treats after trying to figure out what was in the store bought treats. When we would have friends and family over with their pups to play with Nellie, their pups loved the treats Nellie was getting. That’s when we decided we wanted to share the love with pups everywhere!

Our Promise

We’re committed to keeping our batches small and our ingredients local and fresh helping a pup to wag their tail one treat at a time!