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Can I send a treat order as a gift?

Definitely, our treats can be baked and shipped to any pup! We even offer a personalized message for gift orders

We also offer special packaging for office gifts at an additional cost. Please contact for questions regarding this. Please note, additional turn around time is needed for custom orders

Are Playful Pup Bakery treats baked in a factory?

They are not! All of our orders are baked to order in a kitchen to ensure they are as fresh as possible for your pup!

What are Pup Perks?

Playful Pup Bakery Pup Points rewards are meant to reward yours (& your pup's) loyalty. "Pup Points" are rewarded for making purchases, completing actions on social, & celebrating birthdays!

To redeem the "Pup Points" you've earned for rewards towards future purchases, click the tag + heart icon in the lower left corner of our site's home page and, if you aren't already logged in, click "Already have an account? Sign in" to do so.

You'll see your "Pup Points" count in the top portion of the panel. If you've already redeemed Pup Points for a reward, you'll find that reward's corresponding discount code to be applied at checkout by clicking "Your rewards".

To redeem your "Pup Points" for a new reward, select "All Rewards" and then "Redeem" next to the offer of your choice. You'll be given a corresponding discount code and can click "Apply code" to auto-apply the reward to your cart.

Please note: reward discount codes cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Can I cancel or edit my order? If you have any questions or concerns about your order after it has been submitted, please contact us at While we cannot promise an order can be changed after it has been submitted, our team will do our best to ensure you are happy with your order! For any custom orders we unfortunately cannot offer cancelations or changes.

Can I return or exchange my order?

Due to safety concerns, we cannot accept returns or exchanges - but, we always want to ensure your pup's tail is wagging. Please reach out to and let us know how we can help!

How many Playful Pup Bakery Treats can I give my pup? Playful Pup Bakery's treats don't have official, recommended serving sizes since this varies pup to pup! Most veterinarians suggest that treats account for no more than about 10% of your dog's daily calories.

(For example, if your dog needs 400 calories per day, they should have no more than 40 calories from treats, with the other 360 coming from their normal food.)

These aren't considered "supplements" with daily recommended dosages, just yummy treats with an extra boost of beneficial ingredients!

Can I substitute Playful Pup Bakery treats for food?

No. Although our treats are healthy and wholesome, they are not formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

Are Playful Pup Bakery Treats organic?

We include a mix of both organic & conventional ingredients in our recipes. If your pup has special dietary needs, please reach out to and we can see if we can meet those dietary needs!

Are these healthy for my pup to eat?

Everything we bake with is considered safe in moderation for your pup to consume but please consult your veterinarian before giving your pup anything new

Can I order outside of the United States?

At this time, our treats are only available in the U.S.

How long will Playful Pup Bakery treats last?

Playful Pup Bakery treats will last for several months after they're baked. Like any other food, if you properly store it, the longer it will last. We recommend keeping our treats in an airtight container and in a cool, dark place.

When will my order ship?

Your order will be headed to your pup within 3-5 business days - we'll notify you when the order has been shipped.

All of our orders are baked to order and we're always baking as fast as we can to make sure your pup can enjoy our treats as soon as possible!

If you have any questions regarding your order and where it is, please reach out to

Does Playful Pup Bakery make donations?

We definitely do! Please reach out to to hear about our charity options

Does Playful Pup Bakery offer gift memberships?

Yes we do! If you know your recipient's address we offer 3, 6, 9 and 12 month gift memberships

Do I get to pick what treats I get with the membership?

Yes you do! Each month, you'll be sent an email with a link to select which treats your pup would like that month

Can I skip a month with my membership?

You most definitely can! We don't want any treats to go to waste so if your pup hasn't been a good pup this month, select "skip month" when you go to choose your pup's monthly order

How often does Playful Pup Bakery add new recipes?

We try to add at least one new treat per month. If you have an idea for a recipe, please let us know at maybe we'll name it after your pup!